The Register’s membership is open to both Council of Europe member and non-member States.

As of today, 43 States and the European Union have joined the Register – 40 as Participants and 4 as Associate Members.

The Register seeks a truly global membership and any State that voted in favour of United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/ES-11/5 “Furtherance of remedy and reparation for aggression against Ukraine” of 14 November 2022 may become a Participant or an Associate Member by simply notifying the Secretary General of the Council of Europe about their intention to join by a letter or a Note Verbale. Other States may also join the Register, subject to approval by the Conference of Participants.

  • Participants of the Register have full membership rights, including voting rights in the Conference of Participants, and they commit themselves to making annual assessed contributions to the Register’s budget.
  • Associate Members are not required to make annual contributions. They do not have the right to vote in the Conference but can participate and make written and verbal statements. Associate Members are encouraged to make voluntary contributions to the Register’s budget. If an Associate Member makes a contribution equivalent to their assessed contribution, had it been a Participant, they have full voting rights for the relevant financial year.












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  What is the Register’s budget and where does the money come from?

The Register is funded by its Participants and Associate Members – through both yearly assessed and voluntary contributions. The initial investment costs associated with launching the Register, as well as developing and establishing its critical systems and facilities, are covered by voluntary contributions from the Netherlands and the European Union. These financial arrangements underscore the collaborative and cooperative efforts to support the Register's operations and objectives.