The Register recognises the differences in status, power, roles, and needs between males and females, and the impact of gender on people’s opportunities and interactions, and the Register is committed to implementing a gender perspective throughout its work to inform both the design and operation of its work.

While crimes can be inflicted regardless of gender, gender frequently influences the form the violence takes. Sexual violence can affect people of all genders and sexual orientations. The Register is committed to addressing gendered barriers to bringing forward evidence of sexual violence and accurately reflecting the gendered differences in the types of harm inflicted on sexual violence victims/survivors.

The Register shall also be mindful about factual patters related to various claims categories when it comes to gender. For example persons that were forced to relocate (were displaced) and particularly outside of Ukraine are predominantly women and children. On the other hand, Ukrainian prisoners of war are predominantly men. The Register is committed to addressing any categories with equal care and attention, taking into account unique requirements and sensitivities they may present.

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